10 Jan 2014

Unisex Baby Clothes


That is about all I can say!

On Saturday, Thomas, Noah and I decided we would avoid the rain and head to some shops to get the new baby (known quite firmly as 'Flapjack' in this house) some clothes. I kept all of Noah's clothes from when he was a baby, I tried to keep things as unisex as possible. Turns out they aren't at all, looking at them now and imagining a girl in them just doesn't work. It's also very clear Noah was born in June, there are nowhere near enough warm things for a February baby! So we went to get some nice warm little outfits.

We got.......nothing.

White anyone?

EVERYTHING for new babies is pink, blue or white. We have never wanted to find out the sex of our baby before it was born, but it seems like that makes you the most boring parents who would only want to dress their child in white! Only on coming home did I find a few items on the Mothercare website that were red, and these were definitely not in store. So we have decided to just grab a few white sleep suits, which I think I might tie-dye, to get us through the first few days and then we shall be going out on a shop for sex specific winter clothes!

This is sold out! Why could they not also have this in orange, bright yellow, green......?!

It puts me in mind to start up a unisex baby clothing company, if only I had an inch of designer/crafter in my body! Some one want to pair up with me? I could do the business side of things? Alternatively if someone could point me towards some affordable unisex clothing that would be fab!


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