25 Mar 2014

Project 52 - 5/52

Yet again no photo of me this week! I promise I will do one next week. Once baby arrives there will be hundred of photos I'm sure! I have, however, just enrolled in an online photography course so look out for some improvements!

I love this photo of Noah and his pal Jack. We went to the farm with Jack and his Mum and they had the best time. Jack is five but the age difference just doesn't matter between the, they have the best time playing together. Jack would love to be a big brother, and I hope one day he realises that he's already being one to Noah. He is setting Noah the best example of how to be a good brother, he is protective and fun, he likes to show Noah new things but is willing to learn new things from Noah as well.

I can't wait to see Noah as a big brother. I think he will be really over protective at first and will not want to share. Then I also think he will really struggle with having to share me with baby. Expecting a lots of struggles in the weeks and months to come, but once they can play together I think it will be magical!

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