16 Feb 2014

Project 52 - 6+7/52

Somehow I lost a week here! I was sure I was up to date! Never mind. Instead you have a double whammy!

My apologies the last weeks photos are just iPhone photos and you have to click the link to see them!

The first one is of Noah. We are having some real struggles getting his sleeping pattern right at the moment. It disrupts bedtime so much if he has a nap, but if he doesn't sleep we get this!\


Secondly this is a picture of my bump. Baby has finally turned round so it's no longer back to back (and has hopefully stayed that way) resulting in some funky looking bumps!


For this week I again just have Noah. This photo was taken as part of my first assignment for my photography course. I had to go out and shoot photos entirely using the manual setting. It's been tricky to find a day to go out when it wasn't raining, but today it was beautiful and we headed out to find some puddles to play in! I feel very out of my depth with the photography course. Please feel free to peruse my flickr page to see my submissions for the assignment.

I love this photo of Noah and Thomas. Noah is really getting into holding hands now and quite often comes up to me and slips his little hand in mine. Of course there are many many times we want him to hold our hand to be safe and he wont! He really loved having a good splash in the floods and despite all the waterproofs managed to soak his trousers and socks as well!

Hopefully there will be a new baby to show next week!


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