25 Feb 2014

Project 52 - 8/52

Hooray! It's the big week! I finally have two little people to take pictures of. Judah Francis Green arrived last Tuesday (has it really been a week already?!). Trying to manage two children and get my camera out lots has been a challenge, so my photos are not necessarily the best moments of the week! Yesterday I actually sent Thomas back to the car so I could take some pictures at Canterbury Cathedral. I think I got some good shots of Noah for this week.

So here he is! His nose is just like Noah's but I think that's where the similarity ends. Everyone else thinks they are identical!
On Friday the sun came out! Having been indoors all week I just had to get out! We went down to the Coastal Park in Folkestone. Noah and Thomas always have to go the 'adventure route'! Noah always folds the brim of his wooly hat down, hence the funny peaked look!

I shall write soon about how exactly Judah arrived and all about life with two so far!

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