10 May 2014


When Noah was a baby we had a sling we bought at the Baby Show. We didn't do any research and we let the guy who designed it sell it to us! It was so uncomfortable, I hated wearing it because it pulled on my neck so much. That's the trouble with spontaneity. 

This time round I knew I wanted to get a wrap style sling. They looked so much more comfortable and versatile, as you can use them on the front and back with all different ties. I talked to a friend about wanting to buy one and she said I could have her old one. It was from Liberty Slings and was plain black (as you can see in the picture above). I would probably have been seduced with a fancy one with lots of colours and patterns, but black is great because it goes with everything. 

I loved using it and it has been a life saver with Judah wanting to be cuddled all the time. I did find it quite hard getting it tight enough, I found over time it would sag a bit and it would hurt my back. So I started looking around for the next stage. My friend had moved on to a Mei Tai one so I looked into one of those.

I found this one from MNS Designs on Etsy (she also sells on eBay). I loved the range of fabrics that she uses, that they are reversible and they looked like they had a good amount of padding. She makes the carriers in either a straight cut model or leg cut which is more comfortable for toddlers when they get heavier. I went for the leg cut model so it would have more longevity. I was really struggling to pick between two of her designs and in the end I asked her to make me a custom one with two of the fabrics I loved. 

It came 5 days after I ordered it, which I think is just fantastic for a handmade item. I have used it around the house and we took it out for a walk at the weekend. I find it really comfortable, although I still struggle to tie it tight enough! Now I know how tight I need to do it though it should be easier. The padding around the head and legs for the baby looks and comfortable and the shoulder straps are great too. I haven't tried it out in a back carry yet, it's sturdy enough that I reckon I could put Noah in it, not that he would like that at all! 

My only comment for improvement for this sling is that it would be nice if it came with a draw string bag to keep it in. It folds up quite small but won't stay folded very well. I would also absolutely love one in black fabric with leopard print on the front, as you know from my RNIL post I'm obsessed with leopard print (and anyone who has read Caitlin Moran's book knows it's a neutral, and I got seduced away from that by the lovely green fabric). Although, when I just went to get the link for this post, I saw that she's got a new fabric with iconic London images on it which I absolutely love!

I highly recommend this sling to anyone who is looking for a Mei Tai, and get in touch with Marina if you have any preferences, she is really helpful and accommodating.

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