15 May 2014

Project 51 - 19/52

Running late again this week! I would say time is getting away from me, but it's actual more that I've been going to bed at 9! My only time to write properly is late evenings but we've had a bad week for sleep for everyone really. I'm just so shattered I can't stay awake any later.

I was also putting this week off as I wasn't actually convinced I'd got any pictures to post! I knew there was some of Judah as Noah and I had a little photo session of him whilst he was doing some tummy time, but I didn't remember taking any of Noah. This has been making me feel very guilty, especially as he is changing just as much as Judah at the moment. I need not have worried though as there were a few, including this corker! It's actually really hard to get a picture of him with a nice smile, he just makes stupid faces all the time!

Judah looks like Noah in this picture. People keep telling me he does and I wont believe them but I can see it here. He doesn't really though! The biggest change for Judah at the moment is his ears stick out and he just looks so goddam cute with it! He's also got some cute dimples forming, I hope they stay, they just make his huge smiles even better.

We're off to Kew Gardens on Saturday with my family so I'm looking forward to lots of nice pictures from there.

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