4 May 2014

Project 52 - 17/52

Running a bit late this week! It's amazing how quickly you forget the things you have done. I really had to think to remember what we did last week, I wasn't even sure I had taken any photos. Fortunately I had, and I think they are some good ones. I'm so glad I am doing this project so I have a forever reminder of these things.

Noah's photo is taken from a day out at Port Lympe zoo. We went with his best buddy Lois and her mum. It was such a good day, I love hanging out with them and the weather was perfect. At Port Lympe the have massive army trucks you ride on with all the animals roaming around you. I was a bit nervous of going without Thomas, trying to deal with both boys on the truck could have been hard! I put Judah in the wrap so he mostly slept, and Noah was really good so I had no need to worry. We did have to separate Noah and Lois though because he kept undoing their seat belts! You can see here that he was having a great time.

I managed to get a Bumbo from someone on a Facebook selling page, and Noah has been obsessed with it ever since. This week he asked if we could put Judah in it so we gave it a go. I was worried he wouldn't be strong enough yet, but he seemed to really like it. He can't stay in it very long as his neck muscles aren't quite up to it yet, but it's already a handy thing to have! His face is changing lots lately, he looks less and less like Noah, I really see Thomas in him.

I'm going to get next week's post cued up now so there wont be another long delay! More pictures from a lovely sunny day. Bring on summer I'm loving getting out and about lots more already!

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