5 May 2014

Project 52 - 18/52

Both photos this week were taken on a lovely sunny day in a park in Canterbury. I very bravely decided to go and try and buy a swimming costume. Shopping with Noah has been impossible since he was very little, he just wouldn't do waiting patiently in a buggy, if I stopped he wanted to get out. I didn't manage to find a swimming costume, but Noah was an angel the whole way round town. So once I was all done we took a football to the park and had a run around together. He wasn't much interested in playing with the ball, he just ran around in this bandstand.

I lay Judah down on the ground and he just smiled away in the sunshine whilst we played. It was all a little bit idyllic! The sunshine just makes such a difference to our days.

Don't worry it all went to pot when it rained the next day. Thankfully it has been nice and sunny ever since and we have been having the best times.

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